Offering $30,000,000 dollars to a 14 year old seems like a good deal, but why would she reject it? From some people’s point of view she has lots of time to make back the money if it turns out to be too good to be true, but I understand the question on your lips and I’m asking it too: For Sale, Buy Now!!!


Who’s this 14 year old?

Her name is Hanalei Swan and as you already know she’s 14 year old. She’s the founder and owner of Hanalei Swan Styles – HS Styles, an eco-friendly clothing brand based in Bali, Indonesia. 


Her parents are Rhonda (mother) and Brian (father) Swan. Brain swan a semi-pro surfer and business development strategist while her mom is an Entrepreneur.

Rhoda Swan – Hanalei’s mother – made a decision 2 years before Hanalei was born that she doesn’t want to be a constantly busy mum and want to devote her time and attention to actually train her child and not let her child to practically live in daycare. Rhonda left her corporate Job to start her own business together with Hanalei’s Father – Brain Swan. Rhonda took the money they had and invested in Real estate. This perfect plan for them to have the perfect life went down the drain cause they lost everything they invested to a fraudulent golf course development deal. Hanalei was 1 year old about this time. Instead of going back to the corporate world, Hanalei’s parents took the spontaneous decision to travel the world. This led to what they called “The Swan’s Endless Summer Adventure” against advices that a child needs home to be normal, they went on with their judgement. 

They have traveled to countries like Hawaii, Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Australia, Bali, Fiji, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Panama, Peru, Brazil, Germany, Mainland Spain, Canary Islands, and Morocco. This means they’ve traveled, visited and lived in over 50 countries before finally deciding to settle in Bali, Indonesia. 

Instead of reading words about the world in a textbook as most children do, Hanalei learned a lot about the world via her experiences. Her exposure and experiences have taught her to appreciate the world’s awe-inspiring beauty as well as its unpleasant realities, the most unusual of which was waste infestation. Hanalei has witnessed firsthand how lovely the globe is and the need for humans to work together to restore the earth, from gorgeous cultures and animals to fashion and environmental issues. 

As a result, she has become more ecologically concerned and has developed an eco-friendly fashion line. ‘ Hanalei Swan Styles –HS Styles incorporates eco-friendly materials like as bamboo and modal, as well as ethically produced fabric. Customers and the broader public are educated by the brand about the significance of choosing environmentally friendly products – that do not slaughter entire animal species for raw materials or use plastic packaging.



It’s in every child’s mind to dream. Children have so many dreams that most times are born out of fantasies. Hanalei Swan had dreams to be a fashion designer when she was of the age of 9 but her parents are amazed at how her passion has evolved.

One day a mighty rainstorm hit Bani Island as is the case sometimes, but this one was different cause it blew out the power supply of their home. They had to drive out in that storm to find a hotel to pass the night, little did they know that great light was about to shine on their daughters dream. 

About the time they had just managed to get settled down, Hanalei was already fast asleep from the stress of the day and her parents went down to get something to eat. Events unraveled that made them meet Karen. Karen is a Los Angeles based fashion designer who was lodged in the same hotel They got talking and her parents mentioned Hanalei’s creativity and Karen demanded to see it. On seeing it, she said: 

“I have gone to Fashion School in New York City, so I’ve worked alongside some amazing peers and some incredibly talented people and when I tell you that the pages of this 9-year-old’s sketchbook blew me away, I mean it.”

Karen became Hanalei’s mentor and helped her sharpen her skills and also introduced her to her team of tailors. At the age of 10 Hanalei has transformed her designs and sketches to eco-friendly amazing designs that were available for purchases online. No doubt, her parents have helped her run her business to an extent. 

Hanalei has learned so many business management skills thanks to her parents. She donates about 10% of it to help get a school uniform for a child in India. She also saves some parts, keep funds for spending and then invest some part. Hanalei business has grown to turnover thousands of dollars monthly. She has employees working for her. 


She got the offer. A man offered to give her $30,000,000 to buy 70% of her business when he saw how she was rising steadily. She bluntly refused without thinking about it. 

She dropped out of school about 2 years ago to actively pursue her dreams and probably on some sort of homeschooling. 

She’s learned and experienced and goes around the world hosting events, and doing public speakings to spur people to make right decisions of their environment. You can follow her on Instagram to see some of her works and recent accomplishments. For Sale, Buy Now!!!