I was involved in a ghastly moto accident that took the lives of some passengers in the vehicle, and I sustained a fracture on my right hand
Today 2nd July 2022 I just remembered how it all happened, just like a flash!
It wasn’t an easy moment for me that time, by this time last year 2021, I was in the hospital crying my eyes out till evening before the doctor attended to me, from there to a native othopedic doctor, for the bone treatment the pains was out of the world, I suffered and sorry was an anthem many sang for me..
This day, the incident is now a memory.
A big Thanks to the Spirit of my land, My ancestors and all my Spiritual Guides (Ezumezu m) for preserving my life and standing for me
And also a special thanks to those that reached out to me as at that time…
Adα»‹ m grateful πŸ™πŸΌ
If I was dead, I might have been forgotten by now…
I celebrate my life today, celebrate with me if you care….
2nd July 2021, my hand was down and couldn’t move on its own
Today 2nd July 2022, I raise my hand in Victory ✊
Celebrate me now that am alive!