There’s been wild sensation about the affiliate marketing – what it is and what it’s not. Some view it like a new ponzi scheme, some say it’s over hyped while some feel it’s the new oil money. We’ll examine all there is to know about Affiliate Marketing. Here’s the information you need before drawing your own conclusion about Affiliate Marketing.

Information spreads like wild fire and as it spreads it seems it becomes contaminated, people begin to add their own spice to cloth it which may be false or just exaggerated truth, but when you unveil it, you will decipher that which is truth, false or hype.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is as old as sales. It didn’t come into existence few years ago as soon people conceive. It actually happens in our everyday lives, you could be an Affiliate and not even know it. 

I got to the Lagos Market few days ago to buy something, I got approached by a guy who claimed he had everything I needed to buy. Be sounded convincing enough and I choose to follow him. I had few things I need to buy ranging from books and stationeries to some kitchen utensils and household equipment. I knew fully well that I wouldn’t get all those things in a spot. So, I wondered how this guy claimed to have everything. He took me to a store to get the Journals, books and stationeries but I got attended by another man who I reasoned was the actual owner of the store. He then took me to other place to get different other things I needed then thanked me for Shopping. It then occurred to me that this guy doesn’t own a single shop. What he does is to bring people to buy from the shops that sell they things they need and then paid which is dependent on whatever standing agreement they had had before. This done because the owner of the shop wouldn’t have to leave his shop worth millions to hunt for customers, then attend to the ones he hunts and go to hunt for another. He needs someone to get the job done for him while he attends to customers that come to him and other requirements of running a successful business. The guy is an affiliate.

This is just an example out of millions of examples that exist. So, Affiliate Marketing happens in our everyday lives and is as old as sales. Most people you call influencers that Market a product or the other to you on Instagram or whatever platform is leveraging on the number of followers or Audience or attention they’ve gotten I’m the online space to sell something to you. We have brands signing contracts with an Instagram influencer who has thousands of followers to get people to buy something from them and they get a certain amount as commission.

A common thing you’ve seen in these instances is that the Affiliate don’t have a single product for sale. Their job is to sell other people’s products.

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing in which a business rewards affiliate(s) for each visitor or customer brought by the Affiliates own marketing efforts. 

Affiliate marketing is an arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.

Now, you’ve gotten a grasp of the basics of Affiliate Marketing let’s get on to sow you misconceptions and questions frequently asked about Affiliate marketing.

The idea a lot of people have about Affiliate Marketing is that just people posting their earnings that run into hundreds of thousands which they made in a week. This gets a lot of people interested to join so they can cash out as well. 

Well, what you saw or see is an aspect of Affiliate Marketing under the umbrella of Expertnaire. Expertnaire is an affiliate program based in Nigeria. Affiliates connects those selling Digital products to those who need it. There are process involved in getting on expertnaire which involves taking the 72iG course and other requirements. I don’t have much details about this cause I’m not an Affiliate marketer under expertnaire though I’ve done quite a number of Affiliate Marketing for some brands.


Is Affiliate Marketing a referral business?

Yes. It’s a referral business though not in the way some people envisage it to be. You are referring people to buy. 

Is Affiliate Marketing a scam?

A lot of people want the results these established affiliates get under few days without actually putting in the work and studying the market. They forget that it’s not overnight success and it’s actual work. This is mostly inspired by how some affiliates show off their earnings which is a result of effort they’ve put in without actively showing their process. 

The sleepless nights they experience studying the market for each products, how to pitch the products, strategizing how they would make sales, etc. 

So, Affiliate Marketing isn’t a scam just some people who aren’t ready to put in the work and want to use it as get rich quick schemes which apparently isn’t feasible.

Is Affiliate Marketing the only way to make money online?

Affiliate marketing isn’t the only way to make money online. There are thousands of ways to make money online. People overemphasize Affiliate Marketing as if it’s the route to wealth. You need to understand that everything is built. So if you are doing something else like writing like I am or Content Creation or graphic designing or transcription or whatever, you can choose to learn Affiliate marketing as an asides but don’t let yourself be pressured to do things cause you others are doing it.

Can I build wealth with Affiliate Marketing?

Yes, you can build sustainable wealth with affiliate marketing but it’s important you note that not everyone will make it in using affiliates. If Affiliate Marketing doesn’t work for you try something else. You can use YouTube to search different ways to make money online, I’ll do an article on it soon.

Can Affiliate marketing be done by everyone? I don’t think I can do it I don’t know how to sell.

Yes, it can. That’s the most amazing thing. Anyone can do affiliate marketing no matter your skill set or educational qualifications, but you should note that you need to keep learning and keep improving yourself to grow in the are you’ve chosen. You can start with nothing but you really can’t continue with nothing. You have to invest knowledge to know how to sell, how to run ads and different other things that may be needed to be successful in the Affiliate business especially if you’ve chosen it as your niche. 

Are there other Affiliate platforms?

There are other Affiliate platforms other than Expertnaire like Bluehost, Videomine, Piggvest, Kuda, etc. 

I’ve done that of piggyvest where you refer someone to sign up on piggyvest using your link and you get #1,000. Imagine you signup 50 people in a day, that’s #50,000 and you keep up with that in a week that’s #350,000. Your affiliate payment alert don’t need to come in a form of email for you to make it.

You can start making a lot of money on the internet space and the best time to start is now.