There has been an uproar on the internet lately. People actively sharing their experiences on where their relationship meets their career choices & decisions they made.


Many said that a man that loves you wouldn’t make you choose him over taking advantage of an opportunity but would want you to grow at all costs

Others didn’t feel the same way & said that love should be chosen over career opportunities like getting a scholarship abroad, relocation, etc.

It then started the war that men aren’t supportive of women but feel threatened by their success but aren’t willing to do same for the woman when the table is turned around.

And how men use marriage to tie down women that are highly intelligent & they know would be very successful on the long run.

A lady on Twitter shared a story of how her Lecturer after running through the quality work she did on her project advised her to get married before she’s out if reach.


And this got a lot of people talking that young people should just face building themselves & their career & stay away from relationships that can threaten their future.


Well, though this trend was inspired by an experience of a 22 year old.

I feel relationship isn’t just the problem here. I believe the problem is more of the quality of character & reasoning of the people in the relationship.

It’s takes a level of security and intellectual capacity to choose your partners future over her presence. It’s true love unlike what is served now that’s just selfishness with the coat of love.

But there’s always a need to be loved in the heart of a person that may not exactly be quenched.


This trend led to attacking older or the elderly among us that still believes that marriage defines everything.

You will see that the man can beat life out of this young woman and all you have to say is endure.


This will lead us to more trends that are not part of the reason I came today.

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