Everything You Need To Know About Metaverse

What is Metaverse – Explained in simple terms

The metaverse is a new generation of the internet. In simple terms, it is a three-dimensional internet, where we will stop connecting through a flat interface (screens) and will go on to live immersive and multi-sensory experiences, promoted mainly by virtual reality headsets.

Much of the technological advances we experience today come from science fiction, well, the metaverse is no exception. The term emanates from the novel “Snow Crash”, written by Neal Stephenson in 1992. 

The great interest that the construction of the metaverse has aroused has been strongly driven by announcements from technological giants, such as Facebook, Microsoft, Nvidia, among others. 

These companies are preparing the transition to the metaverse, not skimping on resources, as announced by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, who will make an investment of 10,000 million dollars in the virtual reality department.

Metaverse: eCommerce opportunities in a new reality:

Digital commerce continues to offer opportunities. Beyond what the tangibility of physical stores and the speed of online purchases may mean, today’s modern consumers also demand new differentiating experiences that motivate them to buy. And that’s what the metaverse setting allows you to explore.

Precisely, the founder of the social network known as Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, announced a few months ago that the company’s name would become Meta. After this presentation, the new name was a trending topic and the metaverse concept began to be discussed across the board. Although it is a topic that was only known in the gaming world until a few years ago, today it is applicable to the pandemic reality.

The combination between the physical and the virtual. In simple words, that is what the metaverse is: a new generation of the internet that enables immersive, multi-sensory, and sustainable experiences through technology. Specifically, the arrival of COVID-19 showed that events accelerated, for example, through the success story of the Zoom platform, which although it existed as a video call tool more than a decade ago, as of 2020 it became something as relevant as a cell phone in the ’90s.

Max Ruiz, Regional Director of Adobe, points out: “With technological advances, an incredible universe is being generated. An infinity of connected virtual worlds in which people will soon be able to buy their clothes or shoes through augmented reality. 

It will no longer be just an image from a science fiction movie, but the digital transformation came as an opportunity to innovate and improve the experience of consumers. Now it is the task of the companies to continue exploring the metaverse and work day by day to be a contributor to this ecosystem.

Likewise, for the expert, commercial transactions within the metaverse will be key pieces for the sustainability and scale possibilities of companies: ‘Endless opportunities open up that will differentiate themselves from traditional eCommerce. 

Companies will have to seek decentralization, privacy, and ubiquity. In simple words, the transactions will gradually require fewer intermediaries and it will not be a requirement to provide personal information to carry them out, in addition to the fact that they can be carried out from any device, at any time and place.


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