Fans have reacted to the arrest of a well-known Nigerian prankster, Zion Ubani Chibuike, often known as Zfancy, by military officers after he allegedly pranked someone on the street. For Sale, Buy Now!!!


Zfancy is notorious for making people laugh with his pricey jokes and pranks; despite the fact that most of his acts are dangerous, he still manages to entertain his audience.

Zfancy, on the other hand, is unquestionably one of Nigeria’s most notorious pranksters.

In a video uploaded on social media, the risk-taker was apprehended by military troops on one of Lagos’ streets where he does his pranks and escorted to their vehicle.

His pranks and jokes must have gone awry on someone he was playing, and his reaction resulted in the prankster’s arrest.

As expected, some internet users have backed his arrest, claiming that it will serve as a lesson to Zfancy for his costly joke, which has left some people mentally unwell.

Some of their pranks are unnecessary, according to @chyddo. It’s not funny, and it’s much too pricey. While our military is not well-coordinated, some of these pranksters must be stopped!!

But, let’s be honest, some of his pranks are a little too excessive…. @iamjesspink wrote: But, let’s be honest, some of his pranks are a little too extreme….

@etta xoxo wrote: E don’t happen, but ehn this guy is taking a chance to make people grin o

In the sake of humour, @leaddyskincare wrote: Stressing people’s physical and mental wellbeing. For Sale, Buy Now!!!