How to be more confident

Have you ever wondered what you would be capable of if you had more confidence in yourself? Self-confidence is the essential tool to be able to develop our full potential, commit ourselves to our objectives and achieve the goals we set for ourselves.

But how to increase our self-confidence? Through these 7 tips, you will be able to increase your confidence and achieve everything you set out to do.

  1. You are unique, so don’t compare yourself:

We live in a competitive society and since we are little, we grow up comparing ourselves and putting labels: the nerd, the list, the handsome, the athlete… This makes us consciously or unconsciously compare ourselves. And, according to our criteria, position ourselves within what we consider to be right or wrong. 

All people have weaknesses and strengths, which is what makes us different from the rest. You are unique, different, and genuine, learn to look around you without creating value judgments, focus your energy on discovering your strengths and enhancing them.

  1. Prepare for your goal:

Confidence is acquired through repetition and trial. It is unlikely that something will be perfect the first time, almost everything requires some practice. Therefore, if, for example, you have a job interview, rehearse possible questions and answers, investigate, train, look at examples, dress to see yourself in a situation.

  1. Throw yourself into change:

The most difficult thing when facing any change is to start. Once we have done it, we will begin to feel confident in ourselves, because what stimulates us is seeing ourselves involved and committed to what we want. Little by little, we will see how we are gaining security.

  1. Small steps and objectives in a reasonable time:

It is very difficult to make a radical change and more than one day to another. Confidence is something that is worked on and is acquired as we eliminate obstacles and brakes. So, move forward taking small steps that will take you towards your goal. If you can, write down all those things that, however small they may seem, have meant a small advance in your work, give you confidence and personal self-esteem.

  1. Work on self-control:

People with greater self-control of their emotions are perceived as more trustworthy by others. If others see us as people they can trust and feel comfortable with, this will positively reinforce the way we see ourselves.

  1. Identify your strengths and weaknesses:

Greater knowledge of yourself will let you know which are the areas in which you should work the most and where you have advantages over other people. It is very important not to underestimate our strengths because they are easy for us. The skills that we don’t give importance to maybe just be the aptitudes or characteristics that companies can look for.

  1. Learn from our doubts:

Doubts can prevent us from taking unnecessary risks and allow us to be more thoughtful and analytical. If these doubts come to paralyze us, we must: take distance, see what we really want, and move towards it. Another action we can take is to remember similar situations in the past and how you dealt with the situation.

We hope that these tips will serve to help you build confidence, especially when entering the world of work. 


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