How To Earn By Mixing Your Music Vacation With Your Other Talents And Interests


Have you ever seen someone with only one talent or interest? I don’t know someone who has. Wesley Snipes is an actor, but he has another sweetheart called martial arts. In fact, he and some other actors have earned by mixing their interests in martial arts with their Thespian abilities. You can also mix things up, thereby meet different crowds that relate to your art and interests, and earn from that.

No talent should be ignored. Every gift was meant to play a part in the life of the one carrying it. This is why it would be a great loss to the world if anybody fails to find and use his or her talents and gifts for the betterment of the global society. Do you know a gift one can never earn from? Well, I don’t. Whatever can get one favour can you money!

As a musician, you will never earn from your sonic products till they get into the right places. Until they play to the right people, you will never get the right popularity, fans, and, of course, financial returns. Because there is less likely to be an individual that dislikes music, and people have other interests apart from music, it is only clear that when those interests are participated in while the right music is playing, it would bring higher pleasure to the audience. Fine Arts, Photography, Fashion and Designing, Gaming, etc., are among some things that could go together with music, by which the musician can earn extra money apart from just making music and releasing records for sale.

Your fans can simply increase when you meet them at the points of their interests. For example, if you made a music to be played in the background of a slide-show of pictures of birds, bird-lovers would be pleased, and get to know about you when they run into the videos. They would most likely try to find other of your songs or musical productions.

How Music, Coupled With Your Talents And Interests Can Bring You Money

Videography: Every music producer (artist) makes musical sound sounds according to his or her interests. Make cool video clips of things you and others would like to see, and make audio that would play in their background. You could use legally gotten music and sounds that belong to others for it.

Whether you like architecture, landscapes, trees, flowers, clothes, boats, the sky, or natural bodies of water, it all counts. What matters is the capturing of moments and beauties you wish to document, and sharing it with the awaiting public.

After doing this, you could release your work as a royalty free file, or get them into the internet through your personal site or a social media profile. Once people like your work, they are more likely to want to see what else you have done or might be doing.

GAMING: People like watching short videos instead of reading educative things in the internet. This is a bad development, because that reduces the quality of life that should have been in our possession as people of a modern age – an age in which information is more widely and easily shared.

Even though things are so, making entertaining videos (and educative ones) is one of the ways musicians can make their music reach a wider audience.

Get a really good game player to play a certain or certain picturesque and intriguing games, and make your music to play in the background. Post the final work on your social media profile as a fun video, and write who made the video and audio in the end. The more people play and share, the more people you are likely to reach. The more you are known, the more you are likely to be sought for by name.

SPORTS: Seek to perform at sporting events. Whether the music should be played in a school, in a town square, or a national sporting ceremony, try to get the chance to perform. Be sure your performance is made with the people as your goal, and not yourself. When you make music with the listener as your goal, you do your best, and get more fans.

You could even try to get your music in the advertisement of sporting events. You could provide a free audio for the jingle, and even a free, very cool video of you performing. Fans of those sports or events would like you and try to know more of what you have been doing or can do.

You could even make videos of you doing the sport of interest, or chilling with a local or foreign athlete in that sport. By doing things that favourably expose you to fans of others, you get to get fans among their fans too. As your fame increases, so increases the number that can hear about you, and the number that would spend because of you.

Photography: Slide-shows do well when music that convey an exact message as them play in the background. Sight and sound are powerful when working together, and have proved to be powerful mediums for communicating emotions.

Now the music you use must not be yours, but you must get legal permission to use it. You do not want to be defamed as a plagiarist, or your hard work to be all for nothing. The musician you intend to use his or her sonic belonging put discomfort into making that product. It is only right to acknowledge that by getting their permission before using others’ works.

Meet with photographers whose work and yours hold the same topic. Request to play in the background when they’re hosting people that would come to see their arts. In this way, you’ll get to reach fans of the same topics and themes.

People would like to buy the slide-show videos if it rhymes with their interests or is picturesque to their minds.

Fashion: Clothes are great ways of showing interests and expressing oneself. It could be said that each music genre seems to have its own kind of attire.

Get to play at fashion shows. If you like designing, design your own styles, wear them in your videos, pictures and outings, and collaborate with other musicians to make music videos. By doing this, you are showing your work and abilities to their own fans.

Sew for the human contents of music videos or actors in films that have the same lifestyle your songs portray. By having your name in that department of those that made the film a reality, you are showing yourself to the fans of the lifestyle and the film. Whether the audience of the film or video would be big, small, local or foreign, do your best.

There are many more things people can be interested in, and you could find ways to use your abilities in those departments to move forward both your music career and your other branches of expertise. The path you might have to walk may seem new, but remember that all that are old now were once new.


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