How to Have Faith in Yourself

How to believe in yourself – 5 simple steps

Believing in oneself can be a not so simple process at first. However, like everything, with patience and effort, we can achieve it, as well as our dreams and goals. And believing in ourselves is essential to achieve them.

Believing in yourself can be more complex than it seems. Sometimes it’s easy to lose self-esteem and very hard to get it back. Some people consider that they do not have the capacity to do certain tasks or that they are unworthy of happiness or success. Nothing further from reality.

In the following article, we will give you some simple steps and tips to believe in yourself that can be applied in any field.

  1. Identify your past achievements:

It doesn’t matter when they happened, if they’ve made us proud, they count. Write down on a piece of paper all those small achievements that you remember, including the simplest ones. You can write about that time we had a successful party, when you got a good grade on a test, and even when you were riding a bike without help.

  1. Remember that you are not alone:

To believe in oneself it is not necessary to go to a distant mountain and meditate like a saint. We need the support and containment of our loved ones. They too have had doubts or indecisions at some point in their lives.

Talking with them about your fears or mistrust can probably open your mind and help you find solutions. In addition, those who love us will tell us nice things that we may never have taken into account and that can be used for the list that we have written before.

  1. Set realistic goals:

It is difficult to believe in oneself when the goals are long-term or very difficult to achieve. Every day that goes by without us reaching the goal makes us feel less capable and we may stop trying or putting in the effort.

This does not mean that we do not have big dreams for ourselves, but rather that we “divide” them into more realistic or immediate goals.

  1. Please yourself:

It is not easy to trust oneself if we are always doing things to please and please others. Do something different: put all your effort into what pleases you, interests you, or makes you happy.

The passion you have for something, in particular, will be your engine to keep going and, above all, to feel good about yourself when you achieve something, even if it’s small.

  1. Get a mentor:

When we think of a mentor, we often think that it is a professor at the University, however, anyone can be taken as a reference, even people from our own family. It is not about that “superhero” of childhood, but about someone who has achieved the same thing you want to achieve.

Maybe you still don’t know who he is. Therefore, you must surround yourself with the right people. Reach out to people who have goals or visions similar to yours. Then you will have time to find your mentor.


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