According to the Nigerian Army, a viral video of a soldier claiming to have been abandoned by his colleagues during an operation is a distortion of facts and an attempt to inflame public sentiment.

This was said in a statement issued by Brig.-Gen. Onyema Nwachukwu, Director, Army Public Relations, on Thursday in Abuja.

In contrast to the image produced by the video footage, preliminary investigations found that the soldier abandoned his teammates during an ongoing clearance operation in Gurara, Niger State.

“Unfortunately, during an engagement, the aforementioned soldier abandoned his teammates and absconded in an outright display of cowardice and suspected sabotage, which contradicts the military profession’s tenets.”

“Aware of the gravity of his actions and the implications, the soldier secretly released the footage to the internet in an attempt to incite public outrage and cover up his cowardice.”

“The soldier’s actions betray the esprit de corps and camaraderie that are synonymous with a military unit and combat organization, especially during operations.”

“As a result, the soldier’s actions are an outlier and go against the military’s ethics and core beliefs.”

“In all intents and purposes, the video evidence is thus a distortion of what actually transpired between the soldier and his colleagues,” he stated.

The soldier had subsequently returned to his unit, according to Nwachukwu, who added that further investigations were underway to determine the reasons for the unprofessional behavior.

Remember that on Wednesday, a video of a soldier pleading with God to save him while saying that his teammates had left and abandoned him during an operation went viral on social media.

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