The loss of roughly 19 containers of unidentified products heading for a major Lagos-based Customs Dock from Tin-can Island seaport has sparked a scandal.
The vanished shipments are believed to already be “moved out of the port with absent official approval from the regulating bodies, including the Nigeria Customs Service, the terminal administrator etc. For Sale, Buy Now!!!


Despite the fact that the NCS has stated that they are unaware of the release of the shipment, saying that the case of the 19 missing containers may have been handled by management of the customs.
The container have been shifted out from a terminal without paying duty or receiving authorizations.

The lost shipments, according to a Customs official at Tin-can Island Control, will still be in the Ports computer network.

However, Ibrahim Tanko, the National Coordinator of the National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders; “NAGAFF” confirmed the 19 sets of Forty foot containers were really missing.

Uche Ejesieme, the Command’s Public Relations Officer, said that the Service shall dig hard to find the missing shipment and those behind the missing shipment.

“The shipping companies who complained at the Consolidated Port were improper,” he claims, “since they didn’t tell Tin Can Island Authorities of their demonstration choice.” The problem didn’t even appear overnight; it has been present for some time now.”

“On orders from headquarters, every one of the adhesively tunnel’s amenities were shut down. Before even being authorized to begin operations, Immigration were capable of eliciting certain assurance from people, including the payment of several of the fees into government funds.

“Some few days earlier, NAGAFF’s National Chairman, Mr. Tony Esizi, NAGAFF’s Founding member, Dr. Boniface Aniebonam, and Alhaji Tanko paid a visit to the Ports District Commander, who requested that the file be reconfigured.

He further ordered the Command’s Enforcement Unit to investigate the situation to see if the Ports headquarters had handled with it thoroughly and if there were any outstanding problems,” he added.

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