Top 10 cryptocurrencies to invest in 2022:

Despite the fact that cryptocurrencies are not recognized as legal tender by most countries worldwide, they have enjoyed great popularity in recent years. Although without a doubt, Bitcoin is the queen cryptocurrency par excellence, there are certain altcoins or alternative cryptocurrencies that could easily deal with it and although not completely dethrone it, they could gain great ground from it.

On this occasion, and based on the growth and constant capitalization of the market, we bring you a top 10 of the main cryptocurrencies that could well face Bitcoin, in addition to the reasons behind the assertion.


Without a doubt, Ethereum had to appear at the top of this list. It is not for nothing that it is the second most popular cryptocurrency and capitalization in the crypto market. Perhaps this is due to the nobility of its blockchain or blockchain, which it shares with multiple other cryptocurrencies and is even the basis of another token: the famous NFT or non-fungible token.

Total market capitalization: $447.46 billion dollars.

Solana, Ripple, and Litecoin:

Three of the best representatives of the third-generation altcoin. These cryptocurrencies have had constant growth. In streaks where bitcoin itself has greatly decreased in value, Solana, in particular, has remained bullish, currently number five with the best valuation.

Total market capitalization (Solana): $54.03 billion.

Avalanche, Dogecoin, and Shiba Inu:

Known as the meme cryptocurrencies. This group of cryptocurrencies began its history as a kind of joke tokens, Dogecoin began its operations as a joke cryptocurrency version of the famous Bitcoin. However, its fame has grown like foam and is currently in the top 12 of the most famous cryptocurrencies. Shiba Inu, for its part, has always drunk from the fame of the Doge and the boost that this 2021, Elon Musk gave to the value of these cryptocurrencies.

Total market capitalization (Dogecoin): $23 billion.

Polkadot and Cardano:

Two other third-generation cryptocurrencies that gave a big surprise this 2021, going from places 72 and 85 (at the beginning of the year), are currently positioned on the podium number 6 and 10 of the promising cryptocurrencies. Total market capitalization: $27.97 billion (Polkadot), $45.63 billion (Cardano).

Total market capitalization: $27.97 billion (Polkadot), $45.63 billion (Cardano).

Axie Infinity:

The case of Axie Infinity is somewhat peculiar, this token or cryptocurrency itself is a product of the play-to-earn video game of the same name. The peculiarity of Axie Infinity is the fact that the way to earn them is by exchanging curious monsters in NFT format. Total market capitalization: $5.84 billion USD.

Total market capitalization: $5.84 billion USD.

Cryptocurrencies seem to be the future of civilization in economic matters. And although some people still do not believe in them, the truth is that more and more places and people accept them as exchange value for various products, which increases their legitimacy and value.

For the same reason, investing in any of the above-mentioned cryptocurrencies seems like a good idea if you want your money to multiply. Of course, for now, we are still facing a very variable product in terms of its value and stability in the market. But, one day your money could be multiplied by being invested in cryptocurrencies and increase in value significantly.