Ubi Franklin, a music executive, has revealed why Timaya dragged him on Twitter.

Timaya dragged Ubi because he told him he shouldn’t have left the victim of his hit-and-run case, according to Ubi. If you recall, Tikaya was detained in Ikate, Lagos, for allegedly assaulting a little girl named Osinubi Damilola. The fact that he abandoned the victim and fled the scene led to his arrest.

Yesterday, Ubi chastised him for not apologizing to the victim and for acting as if nothing had happened on social media.

“When you were accused, the first thing you would have done was apologize….Your Live Video the other day proved you couldn’t care less about the matter.”

He also addressed Timaya’s assault on him the previous year. Timaya had a little too much to drink that day, according to Ubi, and he attacked him without provocation. He admitted that he didn’t retaliate because there were so many huge males in the area.

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