What is 5G and how it will transform our world

The implementation of the 5G network is called to be a new revolution that will open the doors to a radical change in many aspects of our lives: transport, telecommunications, entertainment, health systems, and many more.

And it is that the 5G network will bring faster data speeds, low latency communications, and higher data limits for mobile devices, which will allow the takeoff of technologies such as autonomous vehicles or virtual reality.

What is the 5G network?

Before analyzing how the 5G network will change the world, it is necessary to understand exactly what it consists of.

The 5G network is the fifth standard for the operation of cellular networks. And how does this new standard change? In reality, the networks will continue to operate with a very similar infrastructure and structure, but their bandwidth will grow exponentially. And that is where a radical change will take place.

How will the 5G network change the world?

Although the change will be radical, it will occur gradually. 5G networks have already begun to be implemented, and in the next five years, they will see a global deployment of great intensity. But the technologies that will be implemented or revolutionized thanks to these 5G networks will appear gradually. And, as is logical, the technologies based on the intensive use of data will be the most affected by this new standard of cellular networks.

Here’s a look at some of the changes that will occur:

Smart cities:

5G networks will allow cities to install millions of IoT sensors on many different surfaces. This will serve to send information to a very wide range of devices in real-time.

This resource will serve, for example, to implement intelligent lighting systems, that is, composed of lights that will turn on and off automatically according to the needs of users. The city of San Diego, in the United States, has already installed this type of system and is saving 2 million dollars a year.

Virtual and augmented reality will take off:

Telepresence applications based on virtual reality will allow, for example, co-workers to collaborate from distant cities “side by side”.

This virtual and augmented reality, which is already common in the world of video games, will transform the experience of entertainment events, such as sporting events or concerts. Spectators will be able to “attend” these shows from their sofa and experience them as if they were present in the stadium or auditorium where they are taking place.

The doctor at home:

Gone are the days when the doctor would come home to visit us when someone in the family was sick. However, 5G networks will bring this custom back, or something similar.

The virtual “visits” of doctors will be more and more frequent, in addition to monitoring the health of patients through devices with IoT sensors that will send information to our medical center and thus the medical team will be able to monitor our health, without we have to go to your queries repeatedly.

In short, 5G networks will be a revolution that will make us see many changes that have already begun and others that we cannot yet imagine.


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