Which comes first: your career or your relationship

What is more important – Career or Relationship?

Tomorrow you have the main exam of your career, in your agenda, you set aside the corresponding time to study. In that situation, your cell phone rings, it’s your partner… your love, and he says: “I need to see you today, I miss you!” Then you remember that you just saw each other last night and that you had already planned to study for your career. Your love, knowing your refusal, suffers: What to do about it? Love or studies?

Many times, this scene is repeated, generating trouble, breakups, and other unpleasant situations between many couples who swore eternal love to each other, just for not doing the following: prioritize important events, plan an outing schedule in advance, and something very important.

Prioritize important events: 

It is true that every couple in love, boyfriends and even married, would like to be together all day, however, there are responsibilities that must be prioritized. To do this, all you have to do is explain to your partner the pace of life you have, the activities, and the goals you must assume.

For example: if you know that every two months, you will have exams of high importance, then your partner must know it. No one will be annoyed if you have to invest time or full days in studying if you have good communication on this matter everything will be fine.

Plan an outing schedule in advance: 

This will help to better decide the outings of both, they will be able to study, work, help at home, do all their responsibilities and long for the date they will go out together, the outing could normally be a Saturday.

Thus, the exits with your love will become a way of reward, when fulfilling all your duties. There is nothing better than going out to have fun with your partner, having everything in order and under control. We could call that “love with total responsibility”.

Strengthen the thought of the couple: 

It is very selfish to want to move, at will, to the couple, and worse still, blackmail him with breaking the union in case he does not pay attention to the requested request.

To avoid such an unpleasant situation, you should talk intelligently about the goals you want to achieve, remember that not everything is hugs and kisses, there are also desires and projects to achieve.

Talk to your love about all the things you would like to do for the benefit of both of you. For example, studies will be important for both of you, by being better prepared you will be able to have an interesting lifestyle that will benefit not only you but also your partner. This point will help you understand how much your partner projects in life.

Now, after reading this, which do you consider to be more important: relationship or career? Both are definitely important, but given the right time and without affecting either.

It depends on you, that the two experiences are rewarding, do not turn something nice and pleasant into a nightmare. Put the given recommendations into practice and you will notice how you will develop efficiently, both in love and in studies. Successes in everything!


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