Which one should you choose between Binance and Coinbase

Binance Vs. Coinbase – Which should you choose?

The duel between Binance vs Coinbase will not be easy to carry out, because, as you know, both cryptocurrency platforms have points for and against. Many people around the world are confused about which should you choose? Binance or Coinbase.

However, to reach a clearer conclusion, we have compiled some points to make it easy for you to decide between Binance vs Coinbase.

  1. Which has the best commissions and fees?

First of all, Binance offers a tiered fee schedule that depends on the user’s transaction volume in the last 30 days.

Likewise, for accounts with a transaction volume of less than $50,000, Binance charges a 0.1% spot transaction fee and a 0.5% fee for each instant transaction. Keep in mind that these percentages will go down if you have the Binance cryptocurrency: BNB.

On the other hand, Coinbase also has a tiered fee schedule, which depends on the transaction volume for accounts with less than $10,000 in the last 30 days, in this case, the platform charges a 0.5% maker fee and a 0.5% maker fee. 0.5% taker.

  1. Which one accepts more cryptocurrencies?

If you are thinking of learning how to invest in cryptocurrencies, surely you have many alternatives in which you want to deposit your money in order to obtain profits in the future. Therefore, in this duel between Binance vs Coinbase, this comparison could not be missing.

As we have briefly mentioned above, Binance and Coinbase differ in the type of cryptocurrencies they accept on their platforms. While the former tends to have a broader portfolio, the latter is known for being more “exclusive”.

On the other hand, Coinbase only accepts a total of 41 cryptocurrencies. According to the official Coinbase platform, they carry out a very strict evaluation of the cryptocurrencies that are included in their digital wallet, in order to offer the best service to their clients.

  1. Which is easier to use?

In order to proclaim a winner in the Binance vs Coinbase duel, it also seems important to us to speak in terms of usability, since, in order to have a pleasant and functional experience, it is necessary to find a platform that allows you to manage your investments in a practical way.

In that sense, the opinions of Coinbase are very positive. Users emphasize that the interface of the platform is very intuitive, which guarantees that the process of investing and trading cryptocurrencies is one of the easiest you can find online.

In the case of Binance, the opposite happens. Binance opinions on the network report that the platform is complicated to use, therefore, the procedure to invest in any cryptocurrency are usually more complex.

Likewise, incidents that occur during the investment process are usually not dealt with quickly by customer service advisors. However, while most users report delays on the Binance platform, in the end, most have managed to get a solution to their problem.

As you have seen so far, the differences between Coinbase and Binance are very marked, but to make a final decision, we advise you to analyze all these aspects together.


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