Why Justin Bieber is so famous

Justine Drew Bieber, enormously popular as Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer. His music is heard in hundreds of countries and his image is just as well known.

Everything that Justin Bieber does becomes news thanks to two great movements, the ‘beliebers’, among which are his more than 110 million followers and those who hate him to death (which also represent a considerable number). Did you know – He was the first artist who has 7 songs from a debut records chart on the Billboard Hot 100? Isn’t that incredible?

But how and at what point did Bieber become the “music revolution” and the cause of swoon for millions of wild teenagers?

The last years of his life have been total madness. He went from being a relatively normal boy from a small town in Ontario, Canada, to becoming a famous artist who has sold millions of records.

However, at some point, the singer said “although it sounds pretentious, this was never my dream. I’m just a music lover and I’ve had a special talent since I was little. I learned to play drums and guitar by myself, by ear, and I always liked to sing”.

The teenager posted videos of his performances on YouTube for his friends and family to see, because he thought he was funny. In an interview in 2011, he said “I never thought that what I live now was possible, I never dreamed of being famous”.

In almost just 18 months, the young man emerged from nowhere and took over the world of pop. Young girls, in particular, know the name of their dog (Sam) and his favorite color (purple). But many others, still almost five years after his rise to fame, can’t understand where all the fuss is coming from.

In reality, the boy was discovered by a representative who contacted him with one of the greats of R&B. Many congratulate Usher, and others curse him for having found the young promise and “jewel” of music as his fans say or the “scum” of the music scene as his detractors say.

His popularity also lies in the fact that he has an almost real-time relationship with his fans, he is a frequent visitor to social networks and the young women feel as if he is speaking to them in a personalized way. His fame is largely due to the fact that his career was born in the age of technology and he did not have, like many other artists, to take that step of the transition to the internet.

What’s more, since Justin Bieber was discovered online, many talent scouts often visit YouTube to find new stars.

But just as there are many who love him, there are many who hate him and do not waste any excuse to mock or insult the young Canadian, but ultimately, with that attitude, they keep him at the top of fame.

Bieber has been involved in thousands of news, from the journalist who died trying to take a picture of him, an alleged pregnant fan, to his little knowledge of geography.


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