Yahoo has left Online fraud to become Ritual practices

We all aren't safe

The most recent headlines have focused on the worrisome growth in cultism and ritualism among young people, particularly students, in recent months. In Nigeria, ritualism is becoming a big societal issue.

The rate of ritual going on in the Nation is appalling. Small boys of 19 years and less are doing Ritual for Money. They forget that money is not everything. Ritual is now trending on social media. They are proud of it and even boast about it, they justify it with I rather die young than die poor.

Money rituals have long been a part of human society, but it’s concerning that young people in Nigeria, where unemployment is prevalent, would engage in activities that might hurt them. They do it so openly showing it as a skit on social media. It’s more appalling that Nigerian society upholds these things. To survive in Nigeria, you must have money. People with money are those that are respected, those justice favour, those that eat well, those that have access to better education etc. Poor people are being treated like leprous plagues instead of the poverty itself. So, everyone is struggling to rise out of the poverty class to “chill with the big boys” at all costs. It was drugs and prostitution that was trending before, then yahoo came and it moved like a wave. Then Yahoo has become money rituals. We can only hope that none of our relatives or friends fall into the wrong hands for this desperate people.


Nigeria’s population is about 200 million, one of the countries with the highest number of young people in Africa, with about 70% of its population being under 30 years old, which means that it is a country with greater population of young people.


The high number of youths means that many youths are exposed to many social problems and challenges. These problems include unemployment and poverty. But why should a 17-year old that is expected to still live under their parents’ roof think of money rituals? It means the reason is far beyond unemployment.


Young Nigerian wannabes fraudsters known as ‘yahoo boys’ have resorted to the use of traditional charms and mystical abilities to seduce potential victims into their scams in their eagerness to join the ranks of hundreds of their countrymen who have been generating millions of dollars through online-scams.


Yahoo Boys are young guys, mostly between the ages of 19 and 29, who specialize in different forms of cybercrime. Many of them may be Secondary School Students, college students or dropouts whose distinct lifestyles of fast vehicles, riches, and ostentation are the envy of their peers. The Yahoo Boys have no geographical boundaries—the internet is their home—and their victims are as varied as the number of gullible people willing to fall for get-rich-quick schemes.

The Yahoo Boys are also skilled at committing cyber-enabled financial crimes. Yahoo Boys in Nigeria frequently employ voodoo and charms for spiritual protection and to entice potential victims.


Yahoo Plus is the name given to this practice. According to the claim, there is another level of charm usage known as Yahoo Plus Plus, which involves the use of human parts and may need the kidnapping of additional humans for rituals, which is not required in “Yahoo Plus.” The usage of victims’ finger nails, rings, transporting of corpses, making incisions on their bodies, sleeping in the graveyard, invoking of incantation, utilizing of their fingers for rituals, and having intercourse with spirits are all popular in Yahoo Plus Plus.”


Few days ago, 2 small secondary school boys were caught traveling to another state to join “Yahoo boys” so they can “Chill with the big boys”. This is just a tip of an iceberg among many other tales happening around us.




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